What to Look for During a Home Plumbing Inspection in Northampton

What to Look for During a Home Plumbing Inspection in Northampton

A thorough home inspection is crucial especially before you purchase a home. The same goes for existing home owners; they also have to conduct routine home inspections to flush out problems before they turn into nightmares (get a specialist to do this, dot not do it yourself)

When it comes to plumbing inspection in Northampton, here are some red flags you should watch out for.

(1) Leaking Shut Off Valves

Any leaking shut off valve is a sign of deeper plumbing issue. If not rectified early enough, leaks from shut off valves can cause damage to your floorboards, ceiling, and the foundation of your house. It can also lead to a widespread growth of moulds.

(2) Boiler Issues

If your boiler is old or outdated, you might want to invite an expert gas engineer to conduct a top-down inspection. More importantly, check under the boiler for leaks, as well as look out for water stains on the floor.

(3) Water-Stained Ceiling

Stains in the ceiling are not only unsightly, but they can also be a sign of plumbing problems or water leaks from the roofing. Either way, you want these stains to be investigated further by an experienced and skilled plumber.

(4) Flooring Issues

The inspector should also examine integrity issues in subfloors covered up with laminate, tile, or carpet. Any issues under the flooring can present a huge challenge in the future if not repaired in a timely fashion. Also, double-check for signs of molds, wood decay, and so on.

(5) Water Flow Problems

Open all faucets at once. Also, check tubs, sinks and all showers in the entire house. Is there sufficient water flow from each faucet? What about the drainage? Any water flow issue can be a sign of a larger problem with the plumbing system.

(6) Blocked or Leaking Toilets

Toilets are the most used fixtures in a bathroom. And they susceptible to overflows, leaking, and sometimes total blockages. Check for stained or soften floors – they are a sign of a leaking toilet.

These are just but a few things to look out for during a plumbing home inspection. Also, take a close look at taps, pipes, water heater, and main sewer. But if you do see a major plumbing issue, you should call the Northampton Emergency Plumbing Service.

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