FAQ - Northampton and Milton Keynes Emergency Plumbing Service

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about emergency plumbing services throughout Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Wellingborough, Daventry, Corby, Towcester & Rugby.



On Time

How much does an emergency plumber cost in Northampton?

This will depend on what time of day it is, and whether it’s a weekend, bank holiday or Christmas. But for an emergency plumber in Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough or Daventry, you are looking at £140 to £200 for the first hour. Price is also dependent on whether the job is residential or commercial. Don’t be fooled by companies offering cheap prices for emergency calls – more often than not such companies surprise you with hidden fees.

How long does it take for an emergency plumber in Northampton to come out?

An emergency plumber in Northampton can usually get to you within 30 to 90 minutes. But if they have other emergency jobs booked in before yours, it could be a little longer. Then there are other factor, such as traffic and distance the job is from the plumber.

How much does it cost to call a plumber in Northampton?

Most phone lines are free to call. If you have free minutes on your mobile, then it shouldn’t cost you extra. The minutes will be deducted from your bundle. Always check with your provider and read their terms.

Do plumbers in Northampton charge a call out fee?

If you pre-book a job several days in advance, then there is no call out charge. There might be a call out charge if you call an emergency plumber on very short notice. Companies that don’t charge a call out fee actually incorporate the fee into the price.  

Why do plumbers in Northampton charge a call out fee?

There are several reasons why emergency plumbers in Northampton charge a call out fee. Firstly, they have to drop what they are doing to come and ratify your emergency. Secondly, they have to travel a distance to get to you, because there aren’t many emergency plumbers available.

How do you pay a plumber in Northampton?

You normally pay cash upon completion, bank transfer upon completion or card payment. If you are renting your property you would need permission from your landlord before you call a plumber. Some tenants ring plumbers without the permission of their landlord. The tenant refuses to pay and so does the landlord, leaving the plumber out of pocket.

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