Is A Dripping Tap an emergency?

Is A Dripping Tap an Emergency?

A dripping tap is not a plumbing emergency. You can book in a normal plumber to come in on another day to do the repair. The issue you have with a leaking tap is money wasted through the loss of water. Your bill will increase steadily and then rapidly as the leak gets worse.

A constant dripping tap (or taps) can lead to an increased water bill. This is even more true if the drip is more of a flow.

A faucet that doesn’t even close is a totally different matter. Turn the water off and contact an emergency plumber to do the tap repair.

Emergency Call Out Lines

Portsmouth: 0239 396 0146

Southampton: 0238 104 0301

West Midlands: 0121 405 1368

Gloucestershire: 0124 237 5049

Bedfordshire: 0123 496 4095

Northamptonshire: 0160 453 2125

Oxfordshire: 0186 570 4190