Is a Dripping Pipe an Emergency?

Is a Dripping Pipe an Emergency?

A dripping pipe is not really an emergency. If the drip is small, and the pipe is visible, you can just put a bucket under it and book in a normal plumber for another day. But if the pipe bursts, then you’ll need a 247 emergency plumbing service.

If the drip is behind a wall or under the floorboards, or if you notice wetness on the ceiling, then it might be a good idea to call in an emergency plumber because you don’t know how severe the issue might be.

The pipe which is hidden could actually have been leaking for a while, causing water damage to your property. If the drip is coming from the ceiling, then the main culprit could be a pipe under the bath or the shower or the toilet.

If you do notice a dripping pipe and want it fixed as soon possible, then contact one of our emergency pipe leak repair plumbers.

Emergency Call Out Lines

Portsmouth: 0239 396 0146

Southampton: 0238 104 0301

West Midlands: 0121 405 1368

Gloucestershire: 0124 237 5049

Bedfordshire: 0123 496 4095

Northamptonshire: 0160 453 2125

Oxfordshire: 0186 570 4190