Is A Broken Toilet an Emergency?

Is A Broken Toilet an Emergency?

A broken toilet is something that is not only annoying, but also a big inconvenience. Whether the broken toilet is an emergency or not, will depend on if you have more than one toilet in your home. If you have a broken toilet emergency, call an 247 emergency plumber.

If your sole toilet is broken, then it would be classed as a plumbing emergency and the quicker you call in an emergency plumber the better. After all, a working toilet is something that every household needs.

Toilets can be broken due to a number of reasons. The toilet handle might become loose. This can be due to wear and tear, or someone might have just pulled it with too much force, causing the mechanism to break.

If you do find yourself in the above situation, do hesitate to call one of the numbers below for an emergency toilet repair service.

Emergency Call Out Lines

Portsmouth: 0239 396 0146

Southampton: 0238 104 0301

West Midlands: 0121 405 1368

Gloucestershire: 0124 237 5049

Bedfordshire: 0123 496 4095

Northamptonshire: 0160 453 2125

Oxfordshire: 0186 570 4190