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A Fast Emergency Plumbing Repair & Emergency Gas Boiler Repair Service Throughout Southampton. Fast 30 to 90 Minutes ETA.

We do; emergency water leak repairs, leaking showers, toilet leaks, dripping taps, radiator leaks, burst pipes, 24 hour gas boiler repairs and all other plumbing and heating issues



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Fast Plumbers Southampton

We provide the residents of Southampton and the local area with a quick and efficient emergency plumbing & boiler repair service. You could have a burst pipe emergency, a boiler breakdown, or the toilet flush may have broken. No matter the issue, our emergency call out plumber in Southampton is here to help.

We go that extra mile in delivering excellent customer service to all our clients, new or old. With years of experience under our belt, we won’t disappoint in skills and reliability.

Southampton Emergency Plumber

If you need a local emergency plumber in Southampton…

We offer those who live in Southampton and the surrounding areas a fast 24 hour plumbing service and emergency gas call out service. Customers can be rest assured that we carry out every job we take on with the utmost care. Our engineers will respect not only the client, but also the property they are working at.  

No matter if its day or night, if you need a plumber, give us a call. We aim to remain open all year around, and will try our best to get out to any emergency boiler call out or plumbing call out job that comes in.

Our Southampton Emergency Plumbing Service includes:

  • Leaking toilet repairs
  • Shower leak repairs
  • Burst or frozen pipe repairs
  • Radiator leak repairs
  • Boiler repairs

And much more.

24 Hour Plumber Southampton

If you ever need a 24 hr plumber in Southampton, then give us a call. A plumbing emergency or gas boiler emergency can happen during the day, night or weekend. They have no set schedule. As a result, we try to stay open 24 hours where we can. Engineers do have time off, so there will be a downtime. But do not hesitate to call us if you need a 24 hour call out plumber. 

24 Hour Emergency Boiler Repairs Southampton

Boiler are essential to every home up and down the country. Without one, you’ll have no hot water or heating. A leaking boiler requires urgent repair if you want heating and hot water back up and running, and to prevent water damage. We have an out of hours boiler repair and an urgent boiler repair call out service when you need it across Southampton. The emergency gas boiler engineer does carry some common parts on the van. But depending on the boiler, parts may have to be ordered in. So get in touch if you need a 24 hour boiler repair. The call out gas engineer sent out will be gas safe registered.

Leaking Shower Repairs in Southampton

A shower has become a key component in peoples bathrooms. It is used quite regularly, especially in the mornings before work. A sudden leak in the shower can lead to water seeping through the floorboards and downstairs. If not fixed quickly enough, it could cause extensive damage and a ceiling collapse. You should turn the water off first and the give us a call, and an out of hours plumber will get out to you, no matter where you are in Southampton.

Blocked Toilet Southampton

We repair a wide range of toilet problems in Southampton. This includes, but not limited to; toilet pipe repairs, toilet flush repairs, leaking toilets, blocked toilets and more.

No one wants a blocked toilet. And if it’s the only toilet in the home, then it can cause a big issue. Contact us for a blocked toilet plumber for all those toilet issues in Southampton.

Pipe Repair Southampton

A leaking pipe can go unnoticed at first. A slight patch of wetness may appear on the wall or ceiling. If you notice this, try to locate the leak and then switch the water off before any more damage is caused to the integrity of your home.

Our emergency pipe leak repair service covers an array of issues across Southampton. These include; frozen pipes, ruptured pipes, copper pipe repairs, leaking pipe repairs and more. Our favourite; a nail through a pipe! No matter the problem, our urgent plumber will assist.

Tap Repair Southampton

A dripping tap is not exactly something urgent. A normal plumber can be booked a week or so later. But if the drip is more severe or the tap won’t open or close, then it’s best to get in a on call plumber. Every home has many taps. So just keep an eye on them. Several taps dripping at once could lead to a higher water bill. Don’t leave the issue too late.

Radiator Repair Southampton

Radiators are important during the winter months in Southampton. We carry out emergency central heating repairs, leaking radiator repairs, central heating pipe leak repairs, central heating radiator leak repair and other heating system issues.

What Is Classed As An Plumbing Emergency?

A leaking pipe, blocked toilet, or a dripping ceiling can become a nuisance in a home or building. But not all plumbing issues are considered emergencies. Understanding this distinction will help you prioritize better and know when to take immediate action.

Choosing to call an emergency local plumber has many benefits. For starters, you save time and reduce the extent of water damage. Our same day plumbers can be at your doorstep in between 30 to 90 minutes in most cases.

This is a quick response time other plumbers cannot meet. Instead of scheduling a meeting, we service you in the fastest time possible.

Below are some of the most common plumbing emergencies which require a 24 hour emergency plumbing service.

Water leaks:

Not all water leaks are emergencies but putting a bucket to collect leaking water isn’t the best solution. When you notice extensive leaking, call a 24 hour emergency plumber right away wherever you are in Southampton.

Water leaks can damage the integrity of the home, especially when the leak is continuous and in high quantity. Sometimes, a leak may not become obvious at first, so it silently causes significant damage to the home. When you finally notice, it may hay cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds to repair.

Water leaks are dangerous to health as they create the perfect environment for mold and Mildred to form, which can cause health issues. Over time, leaks can get into electrical appliances and the electrical system, causing short-circuited and shorted wires.

Burst Pipes:

A burst or damaged pipe can easily flood an entire building. Flooding is bad news because they cost so much in repair and cause unprecedented damage to the integrity of a building.

If you notice a burst pipe, call a 247 emergency plumber in Southampton.

It only takes a short while for your ceilings, flooring, walls, furniture, and gadgets to be flooded in after a pipe burst. Do not try to fix this yourself. Instead, you can shut off the main water supply and save your valuables and furniture from further damage

Low water pressure:

If you’re experiencing low water pressure in more than one faucet, you should call a 247 plumber. One common cause of this is damaged or clogged pipes. You should call a plumber to fix this.

Overflowing Toilet:

An overflowing toilet may be a result of several factors ranging from clogged pipes to damaged floating mechanisms. Either way, this is a nightmare to deal with, and it should be fixed sooner rather than later.

You might want to try using the plunger first. If that doesn’t work and the toilet keeps overflowing, call a 24hr emergency plumber. Losing access to the toilet isn’t something you’d like, especially if you only have one toilet in the house.

How Long Does An Emergency Plumber Take?

An emergency plumber can take up to 2 hours to come out to you. You need to factor in travel, traffic and how busy the call put line is. You should call to get a rough estimate.

Is a Broken Boiler an Emergency?

Your boiler not working is an inconvenience that can become a real concern, especially during the cold seasons. Unfortunately, boilers are prone to developing faults after some time, and the chances of anyone having one of these problems are high over the lifespan of the system.

Generally, you should expect leaks, cold radiators, and other possible problems like a boiler breakdown due to a faulty part. These problems happen when the boiler isn’t maintained correctly, or its components wear out and become faulty and you might end up needing a 24 hour gas engineer. Below, we have a list of three of the most common boiler problems and how to fix them.

Boiler Leaks:

Boiler leaks are one of the most common boiler issues in the UK. This usually happens for several reasons, such as a damaged pressure valve or pump seal.

To understand the problem, you should observe where the leak stems from. If the leak is from the pressure relief valve, the reason for this could be that your systems pressure is too high.

If the leak results from a faulty seal, you should consider replacing the seal as the old one is worn out and damaged.

Leaks developing around your boiler pipes could be a sign that your pipes have been corroded. Finally, a boiler leak can be because by faulty installation.

We recommend you consult a professional to diagnose and fix the leaking problem. You can contact us for a same day boiler repair or a one off boiler repair. A gas leak engineer will come out and investigate and get the problem sorted.

Low Boiler Pressure:

You can quickly tell your boiler’s pressure by looking at its pressure gauge. Ideally, you want the pressure to be around the 1.5 mark. If the pressure falls below 1 on the pressure gauge, your boiler lacks enough pressure to function correctly.

Low boiler pressure can also be caused by a number of issues that affect the boiler system. Factors like age, leaks, failed components/seals, or recently bled radiators can cause a drop in boiler pressure.

Before you attempt repressuring the system on your own, you should identify the issue. First, look for visible signs of a leak without moving or opening the boiler. If you’re able to detect a leak, contact an emergency gas plumber immediately.

No heating/ Hot Water:

It can be very annoying when your boiler does not perform the function its manufacturers designed it for. A combi boiler is designed to provide both warmth and heated water to a home.

Many factors can get in the way of performing this task. Issues like faulty motorized valves, broken system diaphragm and air locks, low pressure, and a broken thermostat can cause a boiler to malfunction.

To determine why you aren’t getting hot water or warmth, start by checking the pressure gauge. If it’s below 1, improving its pressure may be the solution. If you’re unable to fix the issue, contact us for an emergency gas safe engineer/emergency heating engineer.

So a broken boiler can be an emergency if you end up with no hot water or heating.

Our engineer resides in Southampton, but covers all of Southampton, so call us when you need us.