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A Rapid Portsmouth Emergency Plumbing & Gas Service. Also covering Cosham, Gosport, Waterlooville, Fareham and Portchester. Fast 30 to 90 Minutes ETA. We are open 7 days a week.

We repair showers, toilets, taps, radiators, pipes, boilers and all other plumbing and heating/gas issues



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Fast Plumbers Portsmouth

Need an Emergency Plumber in Portsmouth? We are proud to offer a comprehensive emergency plumbing service to residents and businesses in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a leaking bathtub, blocked toilet or frozen pipes, we are your one-call solution for all of your plumbing emergencies.

You can depend on us for unmatched workmanship, quickest on-site arrival, and fast turnaround, all without tearing a big hole in your pocket.

Emergency Plumber Portsmouth

Your local emergency plumber serving Portsmouth at your disposal..

We provide those living in Portsmouth with a turnkey emergency plumbing service that’s not only reliable and fast but also pocket-friendly. Whether you need help with leaking showers or a leaking bathtub, we have got you covered.

Call on us any time of the day or night, our skilled and certified local emergency plumber is ready to help 24 hours on weekends, 7 days a week during the evenings, for all of your emergency plumbing Portsmouth needs (most of the time).

When you get in touch with us, our emergency plumber in Portsmouth will show up on your door promptly, and get the job done to the highest standards. Our urgent plumber is trained to be friendly and professional.

They’ll use only the finest materials and advanced equipment to deliver high-quality work within your budget. You can rely on our emergency plumbing in Portsmouth service to be professional, courteous, and, more importantly, efficient.

Our emergency plumbing services in Portsmouth includes:

  • Radiator Repairs
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Leaking showers, bathtubs, and wetrooms
  • Broke, burst or frozen pipes, or any other plumbing repair

Toilet Repair {port}

A clogged toilet can be a big headache, never mind smelly and unhygienic. Our turnkey toilet repair service is available to all residents year-round.

We’ll send out a fully qualified and experience blocked toilet plumber to your property to repair or make safe the issue. We have state of the art equipment coupled with the latest drain cleaning tech to help unclog your blocked toilet or leaking toilet in a breeze.

24 Hour Plumber Portsmouth

Do you need a UK Portsmouth plumber during the day or at night? Are you looking for a reliable and affordable after-hours plumbing services in Portsmouth? Plumbing emergencies don’t happen at the most convenient time, which is why we offer a complete 24-hour emergency plumbing service during the weekends. Whether it is 1am or 3 am, our 24 hour emergency plumber is always available to help.

Drawing on years of experience and hands-on training, you can rely on us for fast arrival, quick turnaround, and craftsmanship that’s 100% guaranteed. Our 24 hour plumbing service is designed to suit every budget and need. So next time you search for a ’24 hour plumber near me’ or the ‘best plumbers near me’, then do not hesitate to call us!

Leaking Shower Repairs in Portsmouth

Got a leaking shower? Is your shower leaking through the ceiling? A leaking shower head can cause further damage to your ceiling, floorboards or even compromise the structural integrity of your house. We are your leaking shower specialists and can deal with any other plumbing repairs you have.

Emergency Pipe Repair Portsmouth

Have you got broken, burst, frozen or leaking pipe? Often taken for granted, pipes are an integral and vital part of your plumbing system. Any faulty or broken pipes can cause insurmountable damage if not repaired promptly. We offer a complete emergency pipe repair service, and we can fix the problem quickly and restore water flow in no time.

Tap Repair Portsmouth

Have you got a leaking tap? We are local tap repair specialists on call to address all sorts of leaking tap repair problems. We deal with all types and models of taps.

  • Qualified tap repair professionals
  • Fully licensed
  • Quick response and turnaround time
  • One of the Best pricing for any Portsmouth plumbing service
Emergency Boiler Repair Portsmouth

We are also proud to offer a 24 hour emergency boiler repair in Portsmouth and surrounding areas (most of the time). So if an boiler repair issue comes up, do not hesitate to call us.

Radiator Repair Portsmouth

We also offer a professional Portsmouth emergency radiator repair service. So if you’re radiator is leaking or making a rattling noise, then call us an we’ll get it fixed in no time.

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How much do emergency plumbers cost uk?

The cost of an emergency plumber will vary. It will depend what time it is and if its during Christmas or any other holiday. Typical costs of an emergency plumber in Portsmouth is about £160 to £190.

Are emergency plumbers more expensive?

Emergency plumbers are more expensive than normal plumbers because they provide a fast and urgent service. They try to get to you in the quickest possible time.

What is considered an emergency plumbing issue?

Many things can be considered an emergency plumbing issue. These include, burst pipes, leaking radiators, water leaking through the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom or shower.

How long does it take for an emergency plumber?

It normally takes an emergency plumber between 30 minutes to 2 hours to get to your property. Do not fall for plumbing scams. Where they quote you a very short time just to book the job in. Hours later, no one turns up. And when you try to cancel, they charge you a cancellation fee.