4 Pitfalls of DIY Plumbing in Northampton

Nowadays, plumbing bills can become hefty for peoples pockets. It has now become common for people to pull up a book labelled “Plumbing DIY” from the library and start-up DIY repairs or to watch a ‘how to’ youtube video’.

Plumbing tasks are normally composed of either replacement, repair, or upgrades. Every project will have its separate level of difficulty and will require time, knowledge, and tools, that you may not possess and may be hard to get. You must acknowledge the expenses associated with DIY plumbing, such as the plumbing accessories you will need to buy.

Here are four major problems that you can land up

  • Overtightening Connections

The most elementary mistake we make is over tightening supply pipe, tubes, and fittings as well as toilet bolts. If you crank a bit too hard on a black pipe or galvanized, coupling, elbow or tee, you risk fracturing the fittings. The crack may not appear immediately, but the extreme force can indent the fittings and result in breaking them weeks later, inducing a flood or leakage. And then you’d have to call an emergency plumber from Northampton to sort it out (which will cost £).

  • Using the Wrong Tape or Wrapping Thread Tape Backward

In idle cases, PTFE thread tape (usually called Teflon tape) must be wrapped clockwise about the threads for it to serve properly. However, countless DIYers wrap it backwards thereby the tape unwinds from the threads as the fitting is tightened. This drowns the entire purpose of utilising thread tape as it can not seal if it isn’t fastened in the threads.

  • Trying a Plumbing Job Without Right Spare Parts

DIYers frequently make the mistake of purchasing only a washer or cartridge for a faucet repair. However, if the cartridge or washer are worn, odds are additional faucet components are worn as well. If you do not replace the stem seal and O-rings and gasket while replacing the cartridge or washer you’ll apparently reach to a leaky faucet. Which will lead you to another trip to the hardware store as well as again the faucet disassembly/reassembly.

  • Not Possessing and Using the Right Tools

Plumbers execute the job easily because they always keep the appropriate tools. DIYers often try to work out with the tools they possess on hand. That’s where anything could go really wrong. Attempting to remove a rusted or old galvanized nipple using a common pipe wrench or the slip-joint pliers which can damage the pipe or the accessories you are working on.


Information in this article is for educational purposes only. We do not verify the above information is correct. Please consult a plumbing specialist.

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